BANGKOK — Police on Tuesday were seeking a Czech national wanted in his country on suspicion of attempting to infect at least 10 men, including a minor, with HIV.

In a police memo made public today, police in northern Thailand said they had information that 49-year-old Pfeifer Zdenek might be residing there and warned members of the public not to engage in sexual relations with him.

“Interpol warned us to be on the lookout. They are afraid he might be seeking victims in Thailand,” Pongdetch Prommichit, deputy commander of the northern police force, said by telephone.

However, there were no confirmed reports of Zdenek engaging in such activities so far, Maj. Gen. Pongdetch said.


According to an Interpol Red Notice sent to Thai police, Zdenek was charged with battery, spreading an infectious disease, sexual abuse and distribution of pornography by a Czech court in December 2015. He faces a maximum penalty of 12 years in prison if convicted.

The suspect has been in Thailand since July 2015, according to immigration records.

According to the Interpol notice, which was not posted publicly, Zdenek was informed that he was infected with HIV in 2013 and instructed to prevent his disease from spreading to others.

“Nevertheless, between half of the year 2013 and half of the year 2015 in ten cases he had unprotected sexual intercourse with many men and he did not inform his sexual partners that he suffered from AIDS,” the document said. “At least in one case he infected his sexual partner.”

It also alleged he had made child pornography.


“One of the men was a minor and the wanted person paid him money for sexual intercourse with him and recorded the intercouse in order to make a pornography,” it said.

Pongdetch said police are searching for Zdenek’s whereabouts, as there is no record of him leaving Thailand so far.

But, the officer said, he might have departed over an uncontrolled location.