Police Raid Massage Parlors to Look for Drugs (Photos)

A policeman questions massage parlor workers during a Tuesday night drug raid in Huay Khwang area.

BANGKOK — Police on Tuesday night searched brothels in a drug raid and came back empty-handed.

Metropolitan police raided five massage parlors – a euphemism for commercial sex venues – in Huai Khwang area to look for drugs and found none, while turning a blind eye to other possible legal violations.

“We didn’t check for prostitution, since we followed the plan to look for drugs. No drugs were found and we didn’t arrest anyone,” Police Col. Kampol Rattanapratheep said.

Police raided Taragon on Pracha Uthit Road, Utopia on Watthana Tham Road and Alaina, Emmanuel and Merci parlors on Ratchadapisek Road.

The Huai Khwang police station superintendent said the raid was a “preventative search on massage parlor areas which are at risk of drug use.”

“So last night was massage parlours. Next we will go to pubs near the Huai Khwang and Ratchada areas,” Kampol said.

The drug-checking raids on businesses are part of the “Pitakpracha,” or “Guardian of the People” police campaign.