Quake Swarm Damages 14 Homes in Thailand’s North

A house in Lampang province damaged by earthquakes.

LAMPANG — At least 14 residences in the north sustained damage from more than two dozen quakes and tremors that struck between Wednesday and Thursday morning, officials said.

The first earthquake, of 4.3 magnitude, struck Lampang province at about 1pm yesterday, setting off at least 25 other aftershocks and related temblors in the region. No injuries have been reported, and a dam in the nearby Chiang Mai province was reportedly unaffected.

The following quakes registered at magnitudes of 2 and 4.9, officials said.


The largest quake’s was centered 10 kilometers underground at the northern reach of the province, about 100 kilometers northeast of Chiang Mai city, according to the US Geological Service.


Cracks appeared in some houses following the tremors. A temple in Lampang province also reported minor damages.

Five fault lines run below Northern Thailand and cause occasional earthquakes. A magnitude 3.1 quake was reported in Chiang Mai last month.