Surreal Video of Grandma Slapping Student to Christmas Carols Goes Viral

SAMUT PRAKAN — A video making its rounds on Twitter and Facebook shows a brawl between an elderly woman and a student on school grounds.

In the video, the anonymous woman, dubbed “grandma” by netizens, slaps a male student’s face before he slaps her back and delivers a few more hits before the crowd rushed in to separate them. All of this played out while “Joy to the World” played in the background.

According to the person who posted the video, the grandma was talking on her phone loudly at Assumption Samut Prakan School when the student and others in the area asked her to keep it down. She responded by berating them and slapping the boy.

Many netizens said that despite her seniority, the grandma was in the wrong because she turned violent first.


Naturally, #GrandmaSlapsStudent is also the top trending hashtag today on Twitter.