Convenience Store Manager Busted For Selling Overpriced Facemasks

Commerce officials detain a woman who allegedly sold overpriced face masks in Trang province on Dec. 21, 2020.

TRANG — Officials in the southern province of Trang said a woman was arrested Monday for selling face masks 10 baht apiece – 4 times the limit sanctioned by the law.

The suspect was identified as a manager of a local 7-Eleven store who was hawking her wares in front of the shop, Department of Internal Trade official Tipparat Somthong said.

The unnamed manager was charged with violating the 1999 Price of Goods and Services Act, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

Tipparat said the laws ban selling medical face masks at a price higher than 2.5 baht per piece. Anyone who witnessed any violations should report to the Department of Internal Trade at the hotline 1569, she said.

The government cracked down on overpriced protective gears in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year, with some successes. Seven mask sellers were sent to prison in March for overcharging their customers.