Blood Clots Found in Dead Cadet’s Organs, Family Demands Explanation

Image: Meay P Tanyakan / Facebook

BANGKOK — The family of a dead military cadet demanded an explanation as to why forensic examination of organs returned by the army showed blood clots in his liver and spleen.

Supicha Tanyakan, elder sister of military cadet Pakapong Tanyakan, who was not given a full autopsy after his death last month – said they wanted an answer from authorities in response to the findings by Phramongkutklao Hospital. Supicha said there was no mention of the blood clots when military representatives returned Pakapong’s organs to them Thursday.

She said a doctor who conducted the independent examination told the family the clots could not have been caused by CPR in an attempt to revive Pakapong.

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Pakapong was initially returned to the family with several vital organs missing, including his brain and heart. The family only made the discovery after growing suspicious. He also had internal bruising and at a broken rib.

The broken rib, Supicha added, also could not have been caused by CPR due to its location, the unnamed doctor told the family.

Supicha said the family only wants to know the truth and is not out to defame anyone or Armed Forces Academic Preparatory School, where Pakapong was a freshman. The family only learned about the missing organs after they became suspicious and decided not to cremate Pakapong’s body.


They sent his body for an independent autopsy where they discovered organs including the brain and heart were missing.

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