Minister of Digital Economy Puttipong Punnakan speaks at Oct. 8, 2019, news conference.

BANGKOK — A minister said on Tuesday cafe and restaurant operators with free wifi service must collect internet traffic data used by their customers up to 90 days, or face punishment.

Minister of Digital Economy Puttipong Punnakan said the backlog is necessary in case the wifi was used in criminal actions.

“Shops and cafes that offer wifi services must collect internet traffic information for 90 days, so in case there is anything, officials may need to request for the information under Article 26 of the Computer Crimes Act,” Puttipong said at a news conference.

He was referring to a section in the newly revised cybercrime law that requires internet providers to keep a backlog of their users’ internet usage up to three months.

Those who do not comply will face punishment in accordance with the law, Puttipong said.

He spoke on the same day police announced the arrest of a pro-democracy activist on allegations of posting inappropriate comments about the monarchy.