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PM, Officials Wish Khaosod A Happy 23rd Birthday

(9 April) Top officials and other prominent guests have congratulated the news team at the Khaosod newspaper on the 23rd anniversary of its founding.

Finding New Year’s Hope in Juntaland

What’s there to be hopeful, New Year or not? Isn’t the battle, if not the war, lost?

China’s Daring Depreciation

By Yu Yongding

How ‘Are you Thai?’ Accuses and Deflects, Dangerously

If asked by a Thai who knows you are Thai whether you are actually Thai due to your political differences, expect something less than decent.

The Bizarre ‘Referendum’ Process

How much meat must a sausage contain in order for it to be labelled as a genuine meat sausage? How absurd can a referendum process get before it can no longer be called a genuine referendum?

Can We Talk?

By Pravit Rojanaphruk
Senior Staff Writer

Opinion: The Politics of Islamophobia

By Ian Buruma
Project Syndicate

NEW YORK — There are many roads to political disaster: greed, hubris, the charisma of the demagogue, and, perhaps most dangerous of all, fear.
Soldiers stand guard at Bangkok's Democracy Monument on May 22, 2014, hours after the army staged the 12th successful coup d'etat in modern Thai history.

Can We Talk About Thai-Style ‘Democracy?’

At what point is Thai democracy no longer democracy?

Slide, Grind Through Thai Skate Co. Preduce’s New Feature

As a child in the ‘80s, I would vent my anger and frustration with the family warfare going on at home skateboarding with my friends. Like most kids from that era, we got into it watching cats like Tony Hawk hot dog around Southern California in Powell Peralta’s “Public Domain” (1988) and other videos. The skating skills were impressive but what really took a hold of our lives was skateboard culture.

The Challenge of Russia’s Decline

By Joseph S. Nye, Jr.

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