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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Gulf States’ Expat Dividend

PARIS – How should policymakers in the Middle East’s Gulf States manage their countries’ large expatriate workforces? In Saudi Arabia, foreign nationals account for roughly one-third of the population. In Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, nine out of every ten residents is an expatriate. Should these countries’ governments continue to invest heavily in developing indigenous labor forces, with the aim of decreasing dependency on foreign workers?

Opinion: A Sad, Shocking Week That Tested Football’s Heart

PARIS — It was a week of sad and shocking images for football. From the murky depths of the cold sea that separates France and...

The Many Faces of Intolerance Dragging Down Thailand

Intolerance, political or not, brings out the worst in us. A pro-democracy political science freshman at Chulalongkorn University discovered it June 9 when a...

The Koh Tao Verdict and Myanmar Migrant Worker Misery

YANGON —The death sentences handed down to two Myanmar migrant workers by a Thai court on Christmas Eve ignited widespread condemnation in Myanmar.

I Want To Lead By Setting An Example: Transport Minister

By Warawita Yaemsuda  (19 September) For decades, millions of Thais have endured the abysmal state of underdeveloped public transportation - buses, boats, and trains -...

A Forlorn Wait for Burmese Restaurants in Bangkok

It wasn’t something 26-year-old Thawng Tha Lian expected would be an issue when he left Myanmar nine months ago on a scholarship to earn a master’s degree at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University.

Risk Gave Us Democracy. Thailand’s Dictatorship Survives on Fear.

Today’s Riddle: Last week, more than 360,000 netizens petitioned against the junta-sponsored Computer Crime Act for fear that it will lead to greater censorship and...

Bangkok Street Food Ban a Banal Assault on Way of Life

The irony of the debate on banning Bangkok’s street food was that it took foreigners – mostly Western media – to point out how unique and vibrant street food here was before the military regime backpedaled a tad.
A worker at Bangkok's Khlong Toei Market. Photo: Mark Fisher

Opinion: Unequal Thailand a Daily Struggle

That Thailand is one of the most unequal societies on earth should be a concerns for all Thais, from those at the top all...

Hospital Explosion Exposes Depth of Distrust

Less than 48 hours after Monday’s bomb at a military-owned hospital in Bangkok which left 25 injured, it was far from clear who had...





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