No Charges Over Fallen Crane at BTS Phra Khanong

Workers remove a fallen crane from across the sidewalk at BTS Phra Khanong on Sukhumvit Road on Sunday in Bangkok.

BANGKOK — Police said Monday no one will face criminal charges over a giant crane which crashed down onto the footpath and exit No. 4 of BTS Phra Khanong.

Because no one was hurt in the incident, the matter will be settled privately between the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, or BMA, and the firm that managed the construction site, Piyawit Thongdech said, an officer at Klong Tan Police Station.

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“There’s no wrongdoing under criminal law,” Lt. Piyawit said by telephone. “This is a civil case between the BMA and the company.”

The city government can seek compensation from United Construction Material Ltd., which oversaw the crane operation at the time, Piyawit said.

At about 11am Sunday, the crane at the site of a new community mall called Boutique fell onto the public street which would have been crowded during weekday rush hours. No one was injured in the accident.

Khlong Toei district officials and United Construction Material Ltd said they were unavailable for comment Monday.

According to Lt. Piyawit, the fall appeared to have been caused by heavy rain, which softened the ground at the construction site.

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