Top: Firefighters battle a blaze Friday morning at a factory in Ratchaburi province.

Here’s how Thailand looked this past week, as the Prime Minister got occupied with a teen luk thung singer’s dance moves and the rain gave us a bit of a break. Find more on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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Lumyai Hai Thongkam, center, wears a denim jacket Tuesday at a concert in Surat Thani province at the behest of police dispatched to monitor her after Gen. Prayuth criticized her sexual dance moves and outfits. Read: Police Sent to Cover Up Teen Country Singer ‘Lumyai’
Nelly, left, performs on stage Tuesday at CentralWorld, the first time the American rapper performed in Thailand. Read: Fans Front Fashion as Nellyville Comes to CentralWorld (Photos)
Nelly’s fans at his concert: Siriprai, Awita, Chatchawal and their friends say they dress in hip-hop attire every day. Read: Fans Front Fashion as Nellyville Comes to CentralWorld (Photos)
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Soldiers practice during a drill to drag Rama IX’s funerary carriage Friday morning at army barracks in Dusit district, Bangkok.
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Stamps honoring King Rama X could be reserved starting Thursday before going on sale July 28, the day of his birthday.
Farmers show what they fished up from their rain-flooded rice paddies Saturday in Buriram’s Sateuk district.
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For this week’s Workout Wednesday, PM Prayuth Chan-ocha and his secretary exercise using coconut shells at Government House.
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Artists sculpt mythical creatures for Rama IX’s crematorium Thursday at the Fine Arts Department in Nakhon Pathom.
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Songwon Saengjainuk, a 65-year-old taxi driver from Nakhon Sawan, waits Friday morning in front of the Government House in Bangkok to petition Gen. Prayuth for help resolving a land dispute. Gen. Prayuth’s motorcade passed without stopping.
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Workers pass through Bangkok’s Khlong Bang Bua on Monday where a dam has been promised to stem severe flooding.
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Kissana Keawnil, 24, smiles at the body of a deformed piglet born Wednesday. Residents believe the dead piglet’s face – which has deformities resembling an elephant – is an auspicious sign.

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President Baron Waqa of Nauru, an island country in Micronesia, inspects goods at the Khlong Phadung Krungkasem Market on a stop during his state visit Thursday.

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