Nong Pho Dairy Cooperative Hits the Jackpot From Lisa Blackpink

Lisa Blackpink and Lalisa Manobal have helped promote local Thai products, from stick meatballs in Burirum, the traditional Thai crown, to donning a Thai sarong when visiting Ayutthaya. She recently posted a short video of herself and her friends dancing while using a straw to drink Nong Pho pasteurised milk, with the caption “drinking milk before bed”.


Niphon Kaewjeen, a cow breeder at the Nong Pho Dairy Cooperative in Ratchburi, Moo. 10, Nhong Aor sub-district, Bang Pong district, Ratchaburi province, said that everything Lisa touches becomes popular. This leads to a sharp increase in the sales of the cooperative’s products.

According to the news report, Lisa visited a supermarket and found a chocolate milk product, the cooperative’s original product. The milk awakens nostalgic childhood memories in her.

Niphon Kaewjeen

Niphon added that his profession is a demanding one. But with true passion, those who work in the industry will be happy. He added that with the help of Lisa, many farmers have more encouragement. If people are more interested in drinking more milk, cow farmers can sell their products better.

Thongsuk Chanda, 50, the owner of Kor Kiat Farm, and Buncha Wongwattanatrakul, 26, the owner of Buncha Farm, from Ban Pong district, said they were overjoyed to see Lisa dancing while drinking Nong Pho milk as they were proud to be part of the high-quality milk producers for consumers. They added that their profession has to deal with a lot of hardship and few days off.

Buncha Wongwattanatrakul and Thongsuk Chanda

Both said they would like to invite Lisa to visit their farms should Lisa visit Ratchburi province. They want to show the production processes to illustrate what has to be done before the products reach the shelves.

Nongpho Ratchaburi Dairy Cooperative Ltd. (Under the Royal Patronage) was established on April 15, 1971. At present, it is a cooperative that distributes “cow milk” products received from the members of the cooperative such as UHT milk, pasteurized milk, milk tablets, and yogurt distributed in department stores, convenience store and general stores.

The dairy farmer’s profession has to deal with a lot of hardship and few days off.


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