We’re Giving Away 20 Free Tickets to the ‘Boyz II Men’ Concert This Saturday

BANGKOK —They’ll make love to you, like you want them to. And they’ll hold you tight, all through the night this Saturday at Union Mall.

Boyz II Men, or the best-selling R&B group of all time, will perform 8pm this Saturday at Union Hall 2 venue in Union Mall – and 20 lucky Khaosod English readers will be able to watch them for free, since we’re giving away free tickets!

Simply comment on our Facebook page’s post of this article, or tweet at us why you and a friend deserve the free tickets. We’ll pick 10 of the most impressive answers to give a pair of tickets to. Don’t forget to leave your e-mail in the comment and to whitelist this writer’s email so we can send you the tickets! Deadline is Friday 9am.

Half of the tickets are worth 5,000 baht, and the other half are worth 4,000 baht.


As part of our giveaway, Boyz II Men – made up of Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris, and Shawn Stockman – answered a few of our burning questions via email interview. Band management said they the answers are from band members as a whole, and could not specify which band member said what.

The band said they’ve come to Thailand around eight times, and they especially love the “noodles noodles noodles!!!!”

“It is very touching to us to see how our music can translate to our fans in Bangkok. Crazy to think how few guys from Philly get to travel the world and do what we love,” they wrote. “We love the culture and the dedicated fans. The people are so nice and show us crazy respect.”

The band has been together since 1988, winning 4 Grammy awards and 3 Billboard awards along the way. Their songs have been number one on the Billboard charts for 50 cumulative weeks, fourth all time behind Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and Mariah Carey.

Familiar number one hits to noughties fans include “Motownphilly” (1991), “End of the Road” (1992), “I’ll Make Love to You” (1994), “On Bended Knee” (1994), and “One Sweet Day” (1995).

“We are a family. We feel very blessed to be together for almost 30 years and still doing what we love to do,” they wrote. “We have always stayed true to ourselves especially when it comes to our music. We argue and fight at times, but always because we care about each other!”

Michael McCary left the group in 2003.

For many Thais, American hip hop and R&B artists in the late 80s and 90s pioneered mass exposure to the genre as well as the talents of black artists.

“Traveling and seeing many cultures we learn so much as well,” Boyz II Men wrote when asked how they felt as one of the earliest pioneers of this. “We’ve learned to appreciate the opportunity to share, as well as learn with this fortunate career we have been blessed with.”

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