The resignation letter written by Sakon Jingjitr. Image: Ittaporn Kanacharoen / Facebook

TRANG — A cheeky resignation letter penned by a 27-year veteran bureaucrat set social media abuzz Friday, inspiring like-minded internet salarymen who wish they could follow suit.

“Throughout my 27 years, 11 months and 15 days, I have not witnessed any progress in my bureaucratic career,” Sakon Jingjitr, who was permanent secretary to a district chief in the southern province of Trang, wrote in the now-viral letter. “I have only four years and four months left before my bureaucratic retirement, during which I deliberated and concluded that I will not see any further progress.”

Sakon then ended the letter, which asked for the resignation to be effective Jan. 23, with a Buddhist touch.

“Furthermore, when I look at it in the context of the Laws of Karma, I believe I have completely served the bad karma that bound me with the Department of Provincial Administration.”

In one Facebook thread, the photo was shared more than 1,800 times, while many comments praised Sakon for his blunt emotional honesty.

“Someone should make this a template for future use,” Sakon Singha wrote in a comment.

“My idol,” wrote another user, Jom Jam.

Reached for comment by telephone, Sakon confirmed the letter is genuine; in fact, the governor of Trang has already approved it, he said.

He declined to elaborate on the reasons that made him quit his job, citing a government regulation that forbids bureaucrats from discussing internal matters with the media.

“Until Jan. 23 I’m still an official. If I give an interview now … they may convene an investigative panel on me,” Sakon said. “And if that happens, instead of resigning, I would be expelled.”

He said he didn’t intend the letter to be aggressive or rude: He was simply expressing his sincerity.

“I just wanted to use my real reason instead of the generic reasons other people use for their resignation, such as having health problem,” Sakon said.

Responding to the viral letter, department director Arthit Boonyasophat maintained that the bureaucracy offers job progresses to those who are qualified for it, and bureaucrats can move up their ranks by taking relevant examinations.