Image left: BadSuperRobot / Twitter. Right: Teepagorn Wuttipitayamongkol / Twitter
Image left: BadSuperRobot / Twitter. Right: Teepagorn Wuttipitayamongkol / Twitter

BANGKOK — Netizens are crying out – whether in joy or rage – Wednesday after a major political party bent the knee to the pro-junta faction.

In the aftermath of the decision by Democrat Party elders to join the Phalang Pracharath Party-led coalition, many Thai netizens are reacting with furious memes and comments to what they see as a betrayal of election pledges. With the allegiance of the Democrats, the pro-junta coalition is set to muster the majority needed in the lower house to name junta chairman Prayuth Chan-ocha as the next prime minister.

As of Wednesday, #DemocratsBetrayedCitizens is the top-trending hashtag on Thai Twitter – though that’s only one side of the sounding board.


Anti-junta satirist Kai Maew likened the Democrats’ entry into the Phalang Pracharath coalition with Thanos, a villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, gaining the last infinity stone in the quest for ultimate power.

Meanwhile artist Teepagorn Wuttipitayamongkol likened the Democrats to the “Distracted Boyfriend” of the popular meme, whose wandering eyes turn away from “the citizens” to Prayuth.

Nor did former Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva’s decision to resign as an MP over discordance with his party’s pro-junta stance moderate netizens, who pointed out another party member will simply take his place.

“You know, Abhisit is a party list MP. When he resigned = the next one in the list comes up = a vote for Prayuth. This is why Abhisit chose to resign as an MP but not from the party,” tweets user @Ph0enixsk.

Political graffiti artist Headache Stencil posted Wednesday his latest piece: a kiss between Abhisit and Prayuth, with an accompanying poem: “Head down, lower your body and lick their legs / Lost all hope. Cover your head, you’re shameless / Reversing your promise. Are you for the country or for your family? / You evil assholes, betraying even your own kind.”

Thai internet often offers a left-leaning perspective on current events. Savvy artists and activists dominate Facebook and Twitter, while most pro-junta voters make memes on lesser-known pages and in private online groups.

Despite the trending Twitter hashtag, many other netizens are rejoicing that Phalang Pracharath gained a decisive new ally.

“So I guess you’re with the Redshirts now?” commented Supalak Traisornlak on the People’s Democratic Reform Committee Lumphini page, referring to Abhisit’s resignation.

A post about Democrat party member Parit Ratanakul Serirengrit’s resignation on the pro-military page The Mettad similarly drew hundreds of disparaging comments.

“You’re like the weevils that float up to the surface after you wash rice clean,” wrote commenter Tao Na Ka.

User Pawat Techa also called Parit an “undercover mole”: “You tried to enter and break apart the party. And when you didn’t get what you wanted, you threw a tantrum. Go back to your nest. Everyone can see through your shallow ploy.”

“Putting your hand up for the military is better than supporting the slaves of corrupt [politicians],” commented Fuard Smarnchuer in the public Facebook group “Supporting Uncle Tu for the 30th PM”.

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“Say Goodbye to Gaia. Say Hi to Uncle Tuu,” tweeted @SuperBadRobot, having edited the Democrat party seal of the Mae Thoranee earth goddess to feature a soldier instead.

Still, not all netizens reacted in fury. Some are showing sympathy for the resignation of Democrat members, such as Abhisit’s nephew Parit “Itim” Wacharasindhu.

“I admire Itim. You chose to resign as you said…this is the sincerity you pledged to the people who voted for you. Better than many seniors who only talk but can’t act. There’s a future for you to fight for and we will wait for your return,” tweets user @S_TLK1234.

After Abhisit’s resignation, Democrat party member Chitpas Kritdakon posted a photo of her and the former party leader with the caption, “Sending my best wishes.”

Additional reporting Tappanai Boonbandit


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