Royal Family Member Gets Tested for Coronavirus

A file photo of Sirikitiya “Mai” Jensen with her mother, Princess Ubolratana.

BANGKOK — Princess Ubolratana said Thursday her daughter underwent a test for Covid-19 after she fell ill.

In an Instagram post, Princess Ubolratana said the test for her daughter Sirikitiya “Mai” Jensen came out negative. The news came as fears of the coronavirus reached the upper echelon of the Thai authorities; the finance minister is also awaiting results for his virus check-up.

“The Covid-19 outbreak situation seems to be getting worse. There are probably many more people who are infected but not in the reports,” Ubolratana wrote. “Nong Mai is sick with a runny nose and sore throat, so we are getting her checked to see if she has Covid-19.”

Princess Ubolratana added that rigorous testing was necessary in containing the outbreak.


Several high-ranking officials already tested positive for the virus, including an army general in charge of the force’s welfare center.

On Wednesday night, an aide of finance minister Uttama Savanayana also tested positive for Covid-19, prompting Uttama to receive an examination. The results are yet to be announced.

Government House is being disinfected Thursday, and attendants encouraged to practice social distancing.

Sirikitiya, 35, is the second daughter of Princess Ubolratana and her American ex-husband, Peter Jensen. She holds a degree in history.


Princess Ubolratana is an active social media user, especially on her private but widely-followed Instagram.

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