A photo of Kritrada Tabtimphol posted on her Facebook on Sept. 11. Image: Kritrada Zomy Tabtimphol / Facebook

BANGKOK — A businesswoman who crashed her BMW into eight cars on a busy road Tuesday evening in Bangkok was allowed to go to hospital without any charges or drug test, despite witness accounts of her erratic behavior.

Police on Wednesday morning had yet to press any charges against Kritrada Tabtimphol, 28, because she was too shocked to speak to cops, according to a Suphachai Harnkhamla, deputy chief of Huai Khwang Police Station, who added that it was up to the hospital to perform a drug test on the suspect.

“We cannot yet press any charge against her because she’s in a state of shock,” Col. Suphachai said by telephone. “She’s not ready to give any testimony. At this moment, we’re questioning all the witnesses involved.”

Kritrada, who sells beauty products online under the name “Zomy,” caused a traffic mayhem at about 5pm Tuesday when she rear-ended eight other cars with her BMW in front of Esplanade shopping mall on Ratchadapisek Road. Police said three people werre injured.

Eyewitnesses said Kritrada, who appeared to be unhurt, stepped out of her vehicle after the crash and shouted there was a bomb in her car. The motorist also prayed and danced when policemen tried to question her about the incident. She later fainted at the police station and was taken to Paolo Memorial Hospital by her family.

Despite her outlandish behavior, Kritrada was not tested for alcohol or drugs. Col. Suphachai said the hospital is doing the work, but he had no idea when the results would be available.

Image: Kritrada Zomy Tabtimphol / Facebook
Image: Kritrada Zomy Tabtimphol / Facebook

“We told them to hurry up,” Suphachai said.

He added that Kritrada will be diagnosed to see if she has any mental disorder.

Kritrada owns an online business selling beauty products. She also works as a promotional model, or pretty. Her Facebook profile has more than 170,000 followers. She has not written any post since the accident; but her friends have posted messages of support.

Kritrada’s case resembled police handling of another high-profile car accident in Ayutthaya province eight months ago.

In March, businessman Jenphop Viraporn crashed his BMW into the back of another car at a high speed on the highway, killing two graduate students inside. Police let him go to hospital without pressing any charges or performing any drug test on the suspect, saying that he was too shocked to face legal prosecution.

After the matter came to public attention, Jenphop was charged with fatal reckless driving and deadly DUI. The latter charge was automatically pressed against him because of his refusal to undergo drug tests. His trial will commence Nov. 14.

Kritrada Tabtimphol’s BMW at Huai Kwang Police Station on Tuesday night.
Kritrada Tabtimphol’s BMW at Huai Khwang Police Station on Tuesday night.


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