Laotian Drug Lord Sentenced to Life in Prison

Xaysana Keopimpha on Tuesday at the Criminal Court

BANGKOK — A Laotian man dubbed the “biggest drug lord” in Thailand’s northeast was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison.

The Criminal Court sentenced Xaysana Keopimpha this morning after he was convicted on a variety of narcotics charges, including distribution, trafficking and possession.

Xaysana’s sentence was reduced from death for his guilty plea.

The 42-year-old had been wanted by authorities for running a transnational drug network operating in several parts of Isaan and in Laos.


Acting on a tip, police arrested him in January 2017 at Suvarnabhumi Airport when he arrived on a flight from Phuket. In the months that followed, several Thai celebrities became implicated in laundering Xaysana’s money. the back of a tip off as soon as he landed in Suvarnabhumi Airport on a flight from Phuket.

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