“Blue Tree Phuket” welcomes return of event industry with spaces to fit any kind of events

The post-pandemic era has seen borders reopening and travel gradually resuming. It is expected that the event industry will also fully recover to pre-pandemic levels of around 14 billion baht*. Events in 2023 will follow the trend of offering new experiences with a wide variety of activities to attract more people. 

To meet the likely post-pandemic demand, Blue Tree Phuket is positioning itself as one of the most interesting choices for any kind of event, As an entertainment hub in the island city with plenty of space and all the facilities, Blue Tree Phuket can accommodate all kinds of events from private parties to major international affairs. 

Situated on 140 rai (55.34 acre) of land, Blue Tree Phuket is the Entertainment Hub that caters to all lifestyles, from sports, food and music to adventure and much more. Each zone can handle a variety of events both indoor and outdoor such as a beach party for sunset lovers near the Lagoon, a music festival or an international concert, an international sporting tournament or a chill party in the middle of nature in the Blue Tree Forest with space of 4,000 sqm for up to 4,000 guests. Security is assured as the space is equipped with CCTV security cameras and a top security system. With such a variety of venues, Blue Tree Phuket certainly meets the demands of all organizers. Whether day time or night time, small or big, romantic or chic, every event can be organized at the “Blue Tree Phuket”. Look no further!

Let’s check out each zone and see what each has to offers.

Tree House

Designed in tropical style and decorated with bamboo, the Tree House has an open-air design perfectly in harmony with the surrounding turquoise Crystal Lagoon by day yet warm and intimate after sundown. The tree houses are divided into three floors. The first floor is the lounge that serves food and drinks for guests at the Crystal Lagoon and can also be a relaxing party venue. The second floor is home to the Tree House Restaurant where small events such as seminars or a birthday parties can be held. It offers a view of the Lagoon and a variety of Thai and international cuisine including healthy vegan and vegetarian dishes and a wide choice of drinks such as cocktails, beers, wines, juices and soft drinks.

For the utmost privacy, the Canopy on the third floor can meet organizers’ demands with a private function space that can accommodate up to 100 guests along with everything that a party or function event will ever require.

The one-story Beach Bungalow is an outstanding structure on the sand, making it ideal for a Beach Wear Barefoot-style party with background music of any genre. Whether you prefer the indie or hip-hop culture, you can let your hair down and chill with friends day and night.  This space also offers a great view of all sorts of activities inside the Blue Tree Lagoon.

Blue Tree Forest

Looking to host an exciting activity or an adventure outing in the forest? The space at the Blue Tree Forest matches those requirements perfectly. The event – whether arty, chic or competitive – will go down perfectly at the Blue Tree Forest. The Spartans APAC Championships is one good example of the many events held in this venue. Moreover, the spacious Blue Tree Forest is also ideal for a music festival because its space of over 4,000 sqm can accommodate up to 4,000 people. It also fit the needs of campers who prefer the slow life while enjoying fresh air and greenery. 

Blue Tree Arena

The Arena is another great outdoor area that can accommodate small-to-medium events with all the facilities such as big LED screens. The space is also recommended for healthy lifestyle groups wanting outdoor activities such as dancing classes. It can also be used for open-air concerts. 

And we come to the highlight of the property, which is…

Blue Tree Lagoon

The Blue Tree Lagoon is the landmark of the Blue Tree Phuket and houses Thailand’s largest crystal lagoon with stunning views. This space is good for various kinds of events including major-league competitions, such as the recently held Pho3nix Kids Triathlon and I DID IT SERIES. The Lagoon is also an ideal for team building events which can be enhanced with fun-and-thrilling rides and a vast array of water activities. The shady space around the edge of Lagoon has been designed as the Private Island zone where a private party or a concert on the sand comes complete with a backdrop of spectacular nature. On Valentine’s Day, 14 couples tied the knot at the Lagoon, filling the crystal lagoon “pink” with love. The Blue Tree Lagoon stays true to its thrill and chill promise. 

And the last space is …

Sunset View Tapas Bar

One of the most interesting venues, the Sunset View Tapas Bar is a place to relax with an aperitif and authentic Spanish tapas. The shaded open-air space has a sunset view and a romantic ambience. It’s the perfect bar to toast the sunset at the end of the day or while away the evening with friends. 

For more information, please contact 076-602435 or visit  https://bluetree.fun

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*Source: Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB)