Thai Idol Docufilm ‘Girls Don’t Cry’ Wins German Prize

COLOGNE, Germany — A documentary about Thailand’s premier idol girl group won best in its category at the Soundtrack Cologne film fest, the film’s director announced Tuesday.

“BNK48: Girls Don’t Cry” won the Best Documentary Feature award at the Soundtrack Cologne 2019 awards in Germany, beating out submissions from the US and Europe.

“Getting to screen there was already a surprise. Getting an award got me confused 555,” director Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit wrote on his Facebook Tuesday.

The film documents the band’s early days in 2016 and 2017, and the emotional trials of the girls, aged 13 to 23.


“BNK48: Girls Don’t Cry”(2018) beat out other documentary films in its category. They included “Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl” (2018), a US film about the UK singer and “Once Aurora” (2018), a Norwegian film about the then 16-year-old singer.

“Thanks to the judges for seeing something in this movie, but biggest thanks to the members, whether or not you’re still in the band, because this is your film. Your lives and dreams will live on in it, no matter if 365 days pass or how many festivals it screens at,” Nawapol wrote.

The Soundtrack Cologne awards have been held since 2004. BNK48 is the Thai sister group of the Japanese idol group, AKB48.

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