Hells Angels Beat Thai Man Senseless in Pattaya Street (VIDEO)

PATTAYA — Pattaya police are looking for members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang who assaulted two Thai men Saturday in a road rage incident.

The attack, recorded on security camera footage, knocked Polrat Chartbutr unconscious and left his friend Nattapong Pooncharoen bruised. Pattaya City police chief Apichai Klobpetch said they expect to arrest them soon.

“We have their identities now. They are Australian nationals,” Apichai said Thursday without identifying their names. “They belong to a biker gang that has members around the world called Hells Angels.”

He said his department has notified Immigration Police.


“We believe we will have them soon,” he said.


The victim, Polrat, told reporters he was having dinner at a market in South Pattaya on Saturday when a pickup truck crashed into his parked motorcycle. Polrat and he and Nattapong then gave chase to the truck until it stopped in front of a bar, at which time four “well-built” Caucasian men emerged and assaulted them.

Polrat was knocked unconscious and was later sent to hospital. He also had a slash wound on his face, while Nattapong’s body had extensive bruising.

Hells Angels made headlines in Thailand last year when a former member was found dead in Pattaya. An American man named Tyler Gerard is currently on trial for the murder of Wayne Schneider.