‘BEST Logistics’ appoints new GM, reorganizing company structure to develop the quality standards to become the leader of logistics industry

BEST Thailand or BEST Logistics Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of BEST Inc., a leading integrated smart supply chain solutions and logistics services provider in China and Southeast Asia, today announced the appoint of its new General Manager (GM), Mr. Rowan Chong, who has been an expert in China’s logistics industry for over 10 years to be the leader guiding BEST Thailand. By this major organization’s structure change, the company aims to strengthen and as well, differentiate itself from the competitors. The new core competency is to integrally connect 4 businesses together and with the financial support to triple the delivery trucks and personnel, in preparation for the “Shopping Day” 11.11 festival. The company announced its goal to step up as the leader of smart supply chain solutions and logistics services provider in the near future.

Mr. Rowan Chong, General Manager, BEST Logistics Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. mentions Thailand as the first country that BEST Inc. expanded its logistics business among the ASEAN countries. With its significant and steady growth rate during the 4 years of operation, the parent company (BEST Inc.) has assigned him to administrate the business here. BEST Inc. sees that Thailand should be an important logistics HUB that will be capable of expanding the connection of network routes to different countries in the Southeast Asia region. Despite the negative effects to the overall business world inflicted by COVID-19 outbreak these few years, with the challenges and difficulties to business development during a regressive period, the company seeks to develop new products and services in response to customer’s expectation.

BEST Thailand prepares to reorganize the company structure with a new business plan, focusing on integrally connecting 4 business groups altogether which includes: 1. BEST Express, express delivery service. 2. BEST Supply Chain, warehouse management service. 3. BEST SaaS, service provider of an entire digital solution to online merchants handling daily basis activity of selling through ezOrder and ezShop system. 4. BEST Cross Border, international shipping service which the company plans to develop into BEST Fast Cargo which will enable large parcels shipping internationally. 

4 years since the company entered Thailand market, is just the initiation of the organization foundation and development phase of various service systems. However, the company has been consecutively expanding each year. Therefore, this structural change is also one of the business developments in both service and goods, including business management standards. After situations dissolve, we are confident that BEST Thailand would have a drastic growth with a 100% or a double for business expansion.said Mr. Rowan.

During the “Shopping Day” festival on 11.11 and 12.12 this year, BEST Thailand has prepared more HUBs in order to be comprehensively ready in every route. We triple the number of delivery trucks and personnel and also, the preparation of 1,200 branches of our franchises in order to support the enormous amount of parcels that is coming in during the festivals. Therefore, clients can trust that BEST is capable of shipping quality management with efficiency, safety and fast.

Mr. Rowan mentioned that the operation plan of the year 2023 should be starting with consideration of gaps that the company could improve and develop. Moreover, the integrity of existing and modern businesses is also important in order to create the variety of goods available in the system. The company will seek for the differentiation to stand out among competitors in the industry. The integral connection between the four businesses is the company’s advantage above competitors. The first step to step up as the leader is to figure out how we can differentiate ourselves, knowing our strengths and weaknesses and what are the gaps that the company would improve the service quality.

We have an R&D team who researches and develops internal systems that support information for customized service development directed to clients. Therefore, the company becoming the leader of logistics industry won’t be so difficult.said Mr. Rowan