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Friday, June 22, 2018
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Thais Turn 2013 Romanian Pop Song ‘Panama’ Into Dance Meme

BANGKOK — A horribly catchy 2013 Romanian pop song has become a dance meme among Thais, to the surprise and pleasure of the artist.

Hmong Parents Protest Children’s Conviction by Reddit

CHIANG MAI — After a photo spread the world over of their children “stealing” a tourist’s watch, two parents of the two Hmong children insisted to police Tuesday it was simply not true.

Ultra-Royalists Guilt-Shame People Who Don’t Wear Mourning Black

BANGKOK — The colors that once polarized Thailand were red and yellow. Now, as the nation enters its year of mourning, the division appears...

Chonburi Man Beaten by Mob Over Royal Defamation

CHONBURI — A man was hauled out of his bedroom by a mob Tuesday, beaten and forced to apologize to a portrait of His...

Photos of Faltering But Dedicated Royal Procession Guard Go Viral

BANGKOK — Photos of a naval officer nearly fainting as he stood guard near the motorcade carrying His Majesty the Late King’s body Friday evening have gone viral on social media, drawing praise for his perseverance.

Pokemon Invade Streets of Bangkok, Running Battles Ensue

BANGKOK — Snorlax was found napping in Lat Phrao. Charmander was captured at Chit Lom. Over on Silom Road, some Pokemon trainers dedicated their Wednesday lunch break to capture a Bulbasaur, in hopes to one day catch’em all.

Sex on the Beach? Samui Police to Charge Foreigners in Clip

KOH SAMUI — Police said Tuesday they were confident they would file charges against a foreign couple today for engaging in a public sex act along a Koh Samui beach road.

Case Closed: Police Say Hmong Not in the Wrong

CHIANG MAI — Two young Hmong girls described as “tiny thieves” in headlines the world over were allowed back to the Chiang Mai temple where an unidentified tourist recently said they stole a watch.

‘My Mate Nate’ Charged With Railway Obstruction (Photos)

BANGKOK — A controversial American YouTuber who was slammed for flattening coins on train tracks was charged Monday with railway obstruction and trespassing.

Net Idol Fined Over Facebook Live Striptease

BANGKOK — A net idol was charged Wednesday afternoon for stripping naked in a Facebook livestream tuned into by hundreds of thousands of viewers and shared throughout the online kingdom.

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