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Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Thriving and surviving, Bangkok is booming. Here are our picks of interesting stuff coming up.

Photo: Kolour / Facebook

Go Kolour Krazy at Weekend Music and Art Fest

BANGKOK — Prepare for a weekend of music under the sun at one of the capital’s biggest techno and house music festivals later this...

FTMS This Weekend, Check Out Cool Underground Events

This weekend, give conformity and the mainstream the middle finger by checking out art exhibitions, dancing to Drum 'n Bass and techno music, and learning to make badass beats.

Raise a Glass to the Best Booze at ‘Bar Awards’ Events

BANGKOK — Find out together which bars have the best booze while drinking booze at a range of events on tap later this month.

Begin Year of the Dog Howling at These Bangkok Events

BANGKOK — Though the Year of the Cock began with hardly a crow after the usual Chinatown festivities were canceled last year, the Year of the Dog is just around the corner to bark up a storm.

Upgrade Your Beats When ‘Ableton’ Wiz Comes to Bangkok

With a user base that includes the likes of Skrillex, Diplo, Daft Punk – and even your humble scribe – Ableton Live has become a revolutionary tool for both making and performing music.

Bow Before Wednesday’s ‘Super Blood Moon’

PRACHINBURI —  Feel like stripping off your clothes and howling at the heavens? Waking from fever dreams of hunting manflesh with your pack? Then you might want to go see a doctor: The blood moon rises in two days.

Ride in Tuk-Tuk Art Galleries Next Month

BANGKOK — Travel between galleries next month on an artsy journey aboard a fleet of tuk-tuks tricked out with highbrow culture.

Pop Amerigirl Group ‘Fifth Harmony’ Works Its Way to Bangkok

BANGKOK — Don’t go to work, work, work. Go see Fifth, Fifth, Fifth Harmony.

Boozy Slushie Bar Freezes Bangkok Brains

BANGKOK — Parich “Joh” Sanguamkul, 28, is as fun as the drinks he peddles: boozy slushies.
Photo: Neck Deep / Facebook

Bangkok to Go ‘Neck Deep’ in Welsh Angst

BANGKOK — With a fiery mix of emo and pop, a Welsh pop-punk act is coming to play Bangkok for the first time.

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