Ex-Maxim Model Arrested for Shoplifting at Emporium

Natcharot ‘Tak’ Ployplye arrested Thursday, at left, and in a 2010 magazine spread, at right.

BANGKOK — A former model may be charged with both theft and drug use after she was caught stealing a dress from from the Emporium shopping mall, police said Friday.

Natcharot “Tak” Ployplye, 30, a Miss Maxim contestant in 2010, was arrested Thursday morning after she attempted to run off with a 9,500 baht dress she was trying on at the high-end shopping mall on Sukhumvit Road.

Natcharot had tried on the dress and then asked store manager Woraya Seniwong Na Ayutthaya to get her a larger size. As Woraya turned to fetch her another dress, she said Natcharot started speed-walking out of the store without paying for the one she had on.

Woraya quickly called security, and Natcharot was arrested for theft by police.

“I was the one who caught her. She looked like she was on drugs but refused to give her real name and refused to pee for a urine test,” Lt. Col. Achirawet Suphanpesatch said Friday.

She later tested positive for drugs, he added, saying that Natcharot’s theft charge may be compounded by a count of drug use.