Report a Public Misdeed, Get Paid Half The Fine

Police and military officers detain a motorbike taxi operator in July. Photo: Fm91trafficpro / Twitter

BANGKOK — The city’s good samaritans will now receive cash rewards for reporting public misdeeds, as per a law passed Friday.

The regulation, proposed in April, will incentivize anyone who reports violations of “public cleanliness and order” in Bangkok – which includes anything from motorcycle taxis riding or parking on sidewalks to people dumping trash in public spaces – by rewarding the informer with half of the total fine imposed on the violators.

The Royal Gazette announced the measures on Friday, which will reward anyone who provides authorities with a clear image of any action deemed in violation of the new Cleanliness and Order Regulations of 2017.


The law says witnesses to violations can inform authorities by telephone, mail, fax or other electronic means.


Anyone who provides leads that result in the perpetrators being fined, must apply for rewards within 60 days of reporting the violation at the district office of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

Violators face a maximum fine of 5,000 baht.