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Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Photo: Krys Tyna Make-up / Facebook

Wild ‘Art.mosphere’ of Fashion, Music to Fill Rooftop

BANGKOK — Get intimate and a little freaky next month with body art, fashion and music.
Photo: Kor.Bor.Vor / Courtesy

‘Keep Your Eyes On’ Trippy Light Show Madness Next Week

BANGKOK — In the late 1960s, the Joshua Light Show put on elaborate liquid light stage shows to take audiences on brain-twisting psychedelic journeys. It was done using overhead projectors, color wheels and vats of colored liquid. Since then, concert visuals have given way to towering LED screens and computer-generated images.

Thailand’s Music Lovers Declare for Spotify

BANGKOK — Music enthusiasts were prematurely vowing Tuesday to cut the VPN cord at the mere suggestion streaming music service Spotify might be coming to Thailand.

Khalid OTW to Bangkok

BANGKOK — Prepare to be young, dumb and broke because R&B wunderkind Khalid is heading his way to the capital for the first time.

Nat Geo Making Doc on Thai Cave Heroes

BANGKOK — After its adrenaline-filled entry won the Oscar for Best Documentary, National Geographic has begun production on a new feature about the foreign rescue divers whose perilous operation saved 13 trapped in a Chiang Rai cave.
This image released by Warner Bros. shows Zachary Levi, left, and Jack Dylan Grazer in a scene from "Shazam!" Photo: Steve Wilkie / Warner Bros. Entertainment via AP

Review: DC Superhero Pic ‘Shazam!’ is a Joy … Seriously

Holy superhero fatigue, Batman, "Shazam!" is actually good. OK, so it's basically "Big" with superheroes and villains instead of businesspeople and girlfriends, but director David...
Stills from “Dark Flight” (2012), left, “Pee Mak” (2013), center, “Shutter” (2014). Image: Five Star Production / GMM Tai Hub / GMM Grammy

From Village to Airplane Cabin: How Thai Ghosts Evolve Alongside the Living

Two experts spent almost two years watching over 200 Thai horror titles to sift out the common characteristics of Thai ghosts in silver screen.

Tune Into ‘80s Nostalgia With Cyndi Seui’s ‘Summer FM’

Thai synth pop label Kitsch Cat puts out ‘80s-inspired synth pop and electro funk beats.
Image: Traditional Music Channel / YouTube

Tribal Africa Takes a Synthetic Turn Friday at 12×12

BANGKOK — Start the weekend by going tribal at a downtown hole-in-the-wall venue to Sub-Saharan African beats and synthesizers to produce trippy experimental music. A...
Actress Behnaz Jafari, from left, editor Mastaneh Mohajer, director of photography Amin Jafari, actress Marziyeh Rezaei and actress Solmaz Panahiat the 71st international film festival in Cannes. Photo: Vianney Le Caer / Associated Press

Cannes Speaks Out for Directors Barred From Travelling

CANNES — Twice the Cannes Film Festival has risen to given standing ovations to empty seats.



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