Thai Twitterverse Muses on #BestThingsOf2016

Image: @christhebarker / Twitter

BANGKOK — For many, 2016 was one piece of bad news after the other, with global terror attacks, surprise election victories, the death of Harambe and so on.

But on its last day, the hashtag #BestThingsOf2016, was trending on Twitter, with Thai users pausing to reflect on the wonderful stuff that happened to them during the Annus Horribilis.

So what were some of those #BestThingsOf2016? for the Thai Twitterverse? Many cited family and friends.

Still having my parents with me, I want them to be with me every year. – @Sasikarn895

Family and all of you whom I call friends. – @Catterior 

Or better, yet, non-human friends.

Family and cat@fatin_say

Some were grateful of having the chance to expand their horizons.

Traveling to places I wanted to go. Traveling overseas to meet friends that I love. – @Gajobaof

One user apparently was in a rom-com plot:

Meeting someone at a red light – @Pim40P

Another was stuck in a love-hate relationship :

You are the best thing in 2016. You are also the worst thing in 2016. – @Sky_thongfahh

Some frankly materialistic:

Money – @May_2pm

Won 4 lottery draws in a row – @BeautyDiary1989

While others were enamored by the bling-bling, this user appreciated something far simpler:

A full sleep – @ssployjae

So, dear Khaosod English readers, what were the #BestThingsin2016 for you? Tweet us or leave comments on our Facebook page!

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