'British Gang' in Udon Thani Beats Up Frenchmen

UDON THANI — A "gang" of British men allegedly assaulted two French men in front of a bar in Udon Thani province early this morning.

Police say the incident took place outside of Last Bar on Sampantamit Road in Mak Khaeng district at around 1:30 am today. 

According to the police report, officers found two victims with injuries on their faces and bodies. One of them had lost his front teeth. Police have identified the victims as French nationals named Vivian and Guillaume. 

A Thai woman named Parichat later met with police and identified herself as Vivian’s girlfriend. She told police she was with Vivian and Guillaume at the bar last night.


According to Parichat, a British man crashed his motorcycle into Vivian's motorbike, which was parked in front of the bar, knocking the vehicle on the road. Vivian then reportedly shouted at the British man to be careful, but the Briton called "4-5" other men who were also drinking at the bar to attack Vivian and Guillaume. 

The attackers left the scene soon afterward, Parichat said. 

She told police that she learned from other foreigners that the group was a "British gang" who occasionally bullies other foreigners in the area.

"I want the police to take this case seriously, because I don't want this incident to happen to any other foreign tourist," Parichat said. "They say this group likes to act as mafia. Tourists don't want to have anything to do with them. When they get drunk, they like to pick fights with fellow foreigners."

Police say they are searching for the alleged perpetrators. 



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