A photo of Rene Meeuwisser released by police

SURIN — A Dutch national was in police custody Wednesday on allegations he murdered his ex-girlfriend’s mother and brother in Surin province.

Rene Meeuwisser allegedly stabbed the two in a fit of jealous rage after he could not find his former partner at her family home Monday, according to the investigating officer. He said Meeuwisser denied culpability and refused to answer questions.

“There is only one possible motive for the murders,” Chetsucha Kraikaewchotiat of Sawai Police Station said. “They used to date.”

Police said the Thai woman, whose name was not released, recently broke up with Meeuwisser and cut contact with him. The Dutchman then went to her home on Monday but could not locate her, Lt. Col. Chetsucha said. An argument broke out, and police said that’s when Meeuwisser stabbed his ex’s mother and brother to death.



Officers found Meeuwisser at the hospital where he was being treated for what appeared to be deep cut wounds on his left arm, Chetsucha said, adding that the suspect blamed the injury on a motorcycle accident.

“But the wounds don’t look like it,” the lieutenant colonel said. “We have more than 90 percent of evidence tying him to the crime. Now we are waiting for DNA results. Once it’s out, it will be 100 percent.”

Meeuwisser remains hospitalized for his wounds and under police watch, he said.