Popular Forum For Thai Social Ills Shuts Down

BANGKOK — The operator of a popular online forum for whistleblowers to air society’s dirty laundry is shutting it down, citing stress.

Queen of Spades, a Facebook page followed by three million people that frequently brings attention to scandals large and small, will close down, with the anonymous woman admin saying it had become too much responsibility.

“As time went by, my happiness turned into grief running the page. It’s difficult for one person to be responsible for so many social problems,” she wrote. “I think it’s time for me to go live my life and take care of my family.”

Paivan Wannabut, a monk with a social media following, commented on her post, “Good people are hard to find, but sacrificial people even more so. Too bad society is losing a page that spoke for the downtrodden and bullied.”

In the year or so that Queen of Spades has operated, the page has brought wide social media attention to problems plaguing the powerless. Its crusades have included helping a woman find justice after her boyfriend died under suspicious circumstances in prison and crowdfunding treatment of an elderly cart driver beaten in the street.

In December, it revealed a “ghost hotel” that charged one woman ฿150,000 and got a major telecom to explain its ฿461 trillion bills.

That’s not to mention exposing a school’s attempt to out “sexually deviant” students and publicizing poachers who traded animal parts online, leading to the sacking of a forest official.

It’s one of a number of pages such as E-Jan and CSI LA that have drawn large audiences for broaching topics ignored by the mainstream media.

“Queen wishes everyone happiness. Take care of yourselves. Don’t forget me, think of me time to time. When there’s love, there’s loss. Don’t overthink it. Until we meet again. Farewell,” the announcement concluded.

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